Friday, February 19, 2010

The Pirate, based on my dad, starts to take shape. I've painted the silicone skin and hand made a pair of eyes.

Out in the shop, the entire scene is coming together. The snakes have their skins and the fiberglass gold pile is getting it's treatment. We hand glued 3,600 plastic coins!

The Brass vase you see there was vital to the scene. Our air hoses ran up through it and into the Pirate's hip keep them hidden from the viewer. His rope was very thin and starting to fray. It was a nice effect.

The art of TIKI

Of course I'm into tiki Culture. I decided I needed a couple of planters and some other items for my home. I designed, sculpted, molded, and produced these little guys in Fiberglass.

This one has a bowl shaped head for holding actual plants.

I also co-produced a cute kid in a joint project with my wife.

I also made a mask for the living room wall. It's fun to achieve a wood carved effect in clay.